Rome, Italy – Top 5 To Do’s

Rome is an outstanding city full of history for you to explore. When in Rome, one can find art and history in almost every corner of the city. Rome is divided into various districts each featuring a number of breathtaking attractions including the famous Colosseum and Pantheon. It is almost impossible to explore Rome in a short stay as this city has so much to offer. If you are going to visit Rome for the first time, below are the top 5 things that you don’t want to miss here:


1. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is to Rome as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is the most famous attraction in Rome, visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. The construction of this ancient site was completed around 80 AD by the Romans and it was used for various events such as festivals, theatre performances and circuses. Today, the Colosseum has become a major attraction of the city. Make sure to visit this landmark when you are in Rome.


2. Pantheon

The Pantheon is said to be the best preserved landmark to date. It was first built as a temple more than 2000 years ago and was reconstructed in 118 A.D. Today, this building is one of the best restored buildings of all time, visited by thousands of visitors every day. The best part about this unique landmark is; entrance is free. You can visit Pantheon and also explore its surroundings including the St. Louis of the French Church. The site is also a burial place of kings and other famous people from Italy.


3. Piazza Navona

Your visit to Rome is incomplete without witnessing this landmark, Piazza Navona’. This is not only one of the most glorious squares in Rome but is also one of the best in the world. Dating back to 15th century, this city square features some of the most famous historic monuments, cafes and entertaining street performances. If you want to catch a glimpse of how the locals in Rome used to live, you must visit Piazza Navona.  

4. Roman Forum

Another free attraction that is must-see in Rome is the Roman Forum. This Archeological site features unique Roman structures and monuments. A huge part of the Roman complex is damaged but you can still see its remains which include the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina and the Arches of Septimius Severus and Titus. While you are walking through the forum, you’ll feel like stepping back into the ancient times.


5. Trevi Fountain

Your trip to Rome is not complete without visiting the world’s most beautiful Trevi Fountain. There is a belief that you have to toss a coin in the fountain which means that you’ll return to Rome. With a stunning backdrop, the Trevi Fountain is a must-see attraction in Rome. The Trevi Fountain looks even more breathtaking at night when it is illuminated with lights.